In a remarkable collaboration, JOURNEY, UOB and ANS.EIN have come together to create an exceptional collection of Art x Fashion wearables in the 42nd edition of the UOB Painting of the Year (POY) Competition.


The collection is the result of a collaborative effort between UOB POY artists, including Wong Lip Chin, Karina Simon, Khairulddin Wahab, Lester Lee, and Tan Woon Choor, and JOURNEY’s special needs artists Emily Chua, Natalie Yap, Wong Jun Quan, Say Kim Han, and Shennie Yang.


The Art x Fashion wearables created are categorized into five themes, with each pair of artists working on one theme. Each wearable is a unique and beautiful representation of the respective theme, showcasing the creativity and vision of the artists that celebrates diversity and inclusion.


Oriental: Wong Lip Chin & Emily Chua
Floral: Karina Simon & Natalie Yap
Landscape: Khairulddin Wahab & Wong Jun Quan
Local Food: Lester Lee & Say Kim Han
Abstract: Tan Woon Choor & Shennie Yang

In this #ArtforGood exclusive capsule collection launched in conjunction with the launch of the 42nd UOB Painting of the Year (POY) art competition, JOURNEY partners UOB to produce a limited-edition Art X Fashion wearable series manufactured by ANS.EIN.


These art wearables are co-designed by 10 UOB Painting of the Year artists and artists with special needs from JOURNEY by TOUCH Community Services to raise appreciation of art and raise awareness for our differently-abled community. Made possible by UOB, all proceeds from this charity sale will go to TOUCH Community Services.


Each wearable is a unique representation that celebrates inclusion and the creative talents of our artists.

Oriental: Wong Lip Chin x Emily Chua

Floral: Karina Simon x Natalie Yap

Abstract: Tan Woon Choor x Shennie Yang

Local Food: Lester Lee x Say Kim Han

Landscape: Wong Jun Quan x Khairulddin Wahab

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