JOURNEY’s special artists may be diagnosed with intellectual disability, but it doesn’t hold them back from being competent in creating good art. Their paintings are more than just pretty pictures. Each choice of colour and paint stroke conveys emotions that reveal glimpses of their outlook of life. Behind every artwork is a story of our artists’ experiences and personalities.
With art as the platform, get to know our special artists better and be a part of their JOURNEY.

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Our Artists

Chen Zhiyu, b.1984

Zhiyu loves dinosaurs and enjoys reading about them in his free time. He also used to be very reserved and found it challenging to start a conversation with others. Art has given Zhiyu more confidence in life. He is no longer the reserved person he once was and is now able to give a brief introduction about himself. Zhiyu also creates art works that carry his unique perspective of life, such as iconic playgrounds in Singapore. Zhiyu is diagnosed with intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder.

Emily Chua, b.1988

Emily loves animals, especially cats. Felines hold a special appeal for her, as she finds the animals graceful and mysterious. Emily also enjoys creating art. It is a good platform for her to express her feelings and perspective to a wider audience.

Being exposed to different art forms has helped Emily develop a better appreciation for the use of colours in her art. She hopes that her paintings can make people happy. Emily is diagnosed with down syndrome.

Toh Hui Ping, b.1983

Hui Ping is an active individual who likes the outdoors. She prefers hanging out with her friends and coaches at a day activity centre that she attends and plays basketball weekly. Hui Ping adores cute trinkets and loves accessories such as colour bracelets and cartoon keychains on her bag. Being good with her hands, Hui Ping also enjoys painting and stencilling. She is also willing to learn new art forms to be better at her craft. Hui Ping is diagnosed with intellectual disability and speech impediment.

Chew Mei Hui, b.1984

Taking long walks is one of Mei Hui’s favourite pastimes. Besides checking out her neighbourhood and shopping malls, she also enjoys outings with her friends at the end of the week. Other hobbies include watching local TV dramas at home and playing Candy Crush, a puzzle game, on her handphone. Mei Hui also enjoys stencilling in art class as she is able to use a wide variety of colours in her art creatively. Mei Hui is diagnosed with intellectual disability.

Loh Wei Jie, b.1996

Wei Jie enjoys eating and likes to listen to a variety of music, from Chinese oldies to trance and disco. He is also a friendly and sociable person, often going out with his friends and hanging out at malls on weekends. As an artist, Wei Jie is creative and displays creative flair through art as a medium. He also has a good eye for detail, being able to highlight intricate art forms in his paintings. Wei Jie is diagnosed with autism and Intellectual Disability.

Shennie Yang, b. 1991 

Shennie’s love for family and close ties with her siblings and parents are often the inspiration for her art. As an artist, Shennie gravitates to cute animals and nature. She enjoys drawing hamsters and flowers. She also loves inventing art patterns using the alphabet in her name. Shennie is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability.

Shoban Pillai, b.1976

Shoban is an avid movie buff who often looks out for the latest blockbusters at his local cinema. His favourite movies are ‘Star Wars’ and ‘The Avengers’. Both resonate with his view of heroes triumphing over villains. Besides movies, he enjoys sports, especially swimming. As an artist, he is inspired by animals, flowers, mountains, and lakes.  Shoban is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability.

Cheng Chiang Yong, b.1970 

As an artist, Chiang Yong has his own unique way of interpreting a subject and has created many artworks of the Vanda Miss Joaquim with his eye for beauty. His skill in stenciling is exceptional, being proficient in executing accurate and bold brush movements with the right amount of paint. Those who know Chiang Yong personally, have likened him to a big, friendly giant.  While he is a lively person who proudly shares his enthusiasm for his art, he is also a true gentleman, always responsible and helpful in lending a helping hand to his peers. A family person, Chiang Yong is close to his mother, preferring to spend time together during weekends. Chiang Yong is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability, visual and speech impairment.

Wong Jun Quan, b.1987

Jun Quan is a huge movie and television series buff. He loves watching action films, especially if they are kung-fu related. Passionate about art, Jun Quan sketches in his free time and hones his craft before going to bed every night. Jun Quan also has a keen interest in technology and enjoys drawing IT-related memorabilia such as computers and smartphones in his artwork. Jun Quan is diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Say Kim Han, b.1975

The city life in Singapore is a source of fascination for Kim Han. He enjoys jogging. When jogging, Kim Han often thinks of his favourite Singaporean landmarks, such as the Marina Bay Sands and Raffles City. He excels in sketching intricate details in his artwork, reflecting the methodical way he thinks. Kim Han is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability.

Natalie Yap, b.1995

Natalie is a quiet girl who takes a while to warm up to the people around her. Baking is one of her favourite activities because she likes desserts. A huge foodie, Natalie loves spicy food, with her favourite dish being Nasi Lemak. As an artist, the shapes like circles and ovals are a hallmark of Natalie’s work due to her fascination with the round shapes.  

Natalie is diagnosed with Down Syndrome, partial hearing impairment and partial speech impairment.

Margaret Chee, b.1977

Margaret is a friendly and approachable figure at TOUCH Ubi Hostel (TUH), where she started residing after her parents passed away. It was at TUH where she developed the confidence to better manage her condition and skills to integrate well into society. She found an outlet to express herself through visual arts. On top of drawing fruits, Margaret enjoys creating abstract art with lines, dots and contemporary colours. She is now better able to articulate her thoughts and knows how to ask for help when needed.

Margaret is diagnosed with Intellectual Disability and Schizophrenia.

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