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JOURNEY is an award-winning Singapore brand under TOUCH Community Services that represents the creative talents of people with intellectual disabilities. Through this platform, the artworks of artists with special needs from TOUCH are recognised and shared with a wider public as well as corporates.


JOURNEY currently supports some 60 artists who will earn an income from the sale of their art, and gain access to opportunities for collaborations that showcase their talent and tenacity.


JOURNEY was conferred the Enabling Innovation Award by SG Enable at the 2023 Enabling Mark Awards Ceremony for its innovative efforts to provide sustainable employment for its artists and collaborations with stakeholders to increase its reach.

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Through JOURNEY, some 60 artists will get an opportunity to earn from the sale of their art prints, as well as gain access to platforms for brand collaborations that showcase their talent and tenacity. Such opportunities will enable persons with intellectual disabilities to contribute to society and increase the visibility of their talents in Singapore and beyond.

Intellectual disability does not limit our special artists from expressing their creativity. Each choice of colour and paint stroke convey our artists’ emotions and reveal their perspective of everyday life.

JOURNEY is committed to making a sustainable future. Adopting the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), our platform aims to: 


Promote a sustained, inclusive economic growth to create decent work for all [UNSDG Goal 8]


Our artists with special needs attend lessons to develop their art sense. Through this platform, they will earn an income from the sale of their artworks, thereby building their independence to support themselves.


Reduce inequalities within and among countries [UNSDG Goal 10]


According to Singapore’s Enabling Master Plan 2030, the average employment rate of residents aged 15 to 64 was 30.1% in 2020-2021. However, those with complex and more severe needs still struggle to find or sustain employment. Through JOURNEY, TOUCH aims to harness the potential of its trainees and create employment pathways.

Together we can make everyone someone.

JOURNEY Prints develops and sells lifestyle products that are transformed from artworks produced by the artists. These unique art prints can be made available through a one-stop service, from design to delivery, on customised corporate gifts.

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JOURNEY Paintings offers a wide range of drawings/paintings in different strokes, styles and colours that reflect the emotions of the artists.

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JOURNEY Handicrafts carries exquisite handcrafted ceramic art that showcases Singapore culture and places of interest. Every ceramic piece is intricately decorated, hand-glazed and kiln-fired.

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