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Old Singapore Trades (Bird Nest Drink Seller) by Special Artist Natalie Yap.


Escape into the nostalgic 70s, where a myriad of hawkers peddling their goods via mobile push carts was the norm. From bird’s nest drinks, ding ding tong (a traditional hard maltose candy with sesame and ginger flavours), kacang puteh (a snack mix consisting of a variety of nuts, beans and crisps), and ice cream blocks sandwiched between wafers or wrapped in pastel rainbow bread, these push carts harkens back to a slower-paced Singapore. With only a small selection of entertainment options, Singaporeans would take a leisurely stroll in the evenings before purchasing small snacks from these mobile pushcarts while hanging out with friends and family. The traditional art of lantern-making by hand was also prevalent then, with many intricate lanterns ordered upon special requests.  


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  • 55 cm x 43 cm
  • Framed with triangle D-ring with Wire for hanging
  • Bubble-packed for delivery
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