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This Mother’s Day, it’s #myturntoloveyou.

Hana not only means “flowers” in Japanese, but also “bliss” in Arabic, and “shine” in Maori. Decked out with JOURNEY’s Spring 2022 Hana Collection items, this giftbox is the perfect gift to bring happiness and warmth to all mums.


Also included in the giftbox are recipes and healthy ingredients for you to whip up something for your mum to celebrate the joyous occasion!


A collaborative effort by 9 special needs artists, Charmaine Tan, Chua Ai Lan, Eric Lee, Hee Wan Po, Ivan Tay, Kwan Shi En, Mark Tam, Sherman Jian and Vinncent Leow.


Each giftbox includes:

  • Hana Collection – Bento Box
  • Hana Collection – Insulated Water Bottle
  • Mother’s Day Greeting Card by Special Artist Shoban Pillai
  • Red Dates 170g
  • Wolfberries 200g
  • Recipe Card

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