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Fishing Village and Kampong by Special Artist Shennie Yang.


Take a look at Singapore’s glittering skyscrapers that form part of our skyline and one might find it hard to imagine Singapore as a humble fishing village. In 1819, Sir Stamford Raffles arrived in Singapore, then known as Temasek, and saw ample wood for shipbuilding, plenty of fresh water and fish, and a port deep enough for cargo ships. Villagers in Temasek lived in simple wooden houses (known as attap houses) on stilts, fished for sustenance and got around by sampans (small boats). The arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles marked the start of Singapore’s future as an important trading hub. Today, Singapore’s strategic location near busy sea routes helps us remain an important trading hub in ASEAN. 


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  • 55 cm x 43 cm
  • Framed with triangle D-ring with Wire for hanging
  • Bubble-packed for delivery
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