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Usher in the new year with our limited edition CNY giftbox, exclusively curated with a bundle of bountiful items! 


The CNY Giftbox comprises items filled with abundance of health and happiness, signifying a year of success and good fortune to come.


This Chinese New Year, we invite you on a #journeywiththeartists as they continue to let the bud of their creativity blossom with your support and reach one step closer to their dreams.


Together we can make everyone someone.


Each Chinese New Year Giftbox includes:

  • Wristlet*
  • Pouch*
  • Merci Finest Selection European Chocolate 250g
  • Tiger King Braised Abalone 180g
  • Assorted Tea bags (individual sachet) x 6
  • Sunflower Seeds 130g
  • Red Dates 170g
  • Wolfberries 200g
  • Hup Chong Crispy Chicken Floss 115g
  • White Jade Noodles 340g


*Random Design of Vanda Miss Joaquim, Colours Of Life or Hana Collection

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