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The Bloom Collection gets its inspiration from the blooming of peonies, beautifully illustrated by 17 special artists. Peonies symbolises prosperity, love and happiness – it is the perfect gift to convey your best wishes and joy to those that are dear to your heart.

By special artists Annie Teo, Charmaine Tan, Chua Ai Lan, Chua Yi Ting, Eric Lee, Felicia Rusli, Hee Wan Po, Ivan Tay, Jocelyn Kong, Kwan Shi En, Lam Jun Hoe, Lim Chin Ren, Mark Tam, Max David, Sherman Jian, Vinncent Leow, Yap Sock Luan.

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  • 45cm x 45cm
  • Exclude pillow
  • Machine washable
  • Iron on low or medium heat
  • Packed in a box for delivery
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